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Basically I'm having computer troubles. Sorry for the updates... or lack of them. I'll be on a sort of (extended) hiatus for a while. I'm also working on a Jayne Wisener and a Christina Cole fansite and their links will be posted when they open. More graphics soon to come :)
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Writer's Block: Meaningful Words

What is your favorite quote? And why?
Into the woods! -- Steven Sondheim

Because I love that musical now and it's stuck in my head. You'd think I would be able to think of something better...

My real favourite quote:

JOSH: I'm just saying--if you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for a beer.
DONNA: If you were in an accident, I wouldn't stop for red lights.

- The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin
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Another post from the journal in hiding. Seeing as I never post anything at all here. March Break is/ was great. Absolutely boring but fun nevertheless. I've had nothing to do but babysit and watch movies and *ahem* four episodes of the west wing yesterday and make icons. So that's what I have done.t And it's been fun. I want to run. Omygoodness what is wrong with me. I can't believe I am so weird.

Anyway I watched Into the Woods. And I would highly recommend that all of you watch it too because I've sort of fallen in love with it. Just click the link above and you will embark on the most rewarding illegal expeirance of your life. Well that isn't true in many aspects but click the link above and watch it on youtube. And enjoy. And again I call out desparately for screecaps of this. Please! I will love you forever and ever and ever after. Thanks.
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A little late but here it is.

1. Amy Adams singing Happy Working Song; totally sweet perhaps a little shaky but after all she is an actress turned singer for this movie. Good job to her :)

2. Kristin Chenoweth looked gorgeous and sang beautifully. I am personally very pleased they chose to do this. She is a singer. And she is amazing. And I love her to death.

3. So close song; absolutely adorable dance. Although this doesn't matter, the girl portraying Nancy did not look a smidgen like Idina. No comparison. In fact none of them looked like the actors.

4. Enchanted did not win. However I am glad that Once won. They seemed really sweet and the movie seemed hopeful and lovely. I -obviously- haven't seen. And I did like the song.

5. Moving on from Enchanted the host was slightly unbearable. The Titler stuff was completely unnecessary. However I laughed when he started to sing Happy Working Song. I guess I didn't move on.

6. Juno won Best Original Screenplay (as it should have). Woot!

7. Marion's acceptance was interesting. She cried when her movie won makeup. I hate to use the word sweet again but she deserves it.

8. Loved Marion's, Jennifer Gardner's, Amy Adams', Kristin Chenoweth's and Anne Hathway's dresses. And more but that is what comes to mind now. Oh, and Cameron Diaz looked lovely too. Aw and Ellen Page is simply adorable.

9. Those two brothers who won three oscars for No Country are a little odd. If not more than a little.

10. Congratulotions, of course, to all the winners. Not, of course, that they will see this but still.

11. I'm sure I have missed important things. Such as two people slipping on the floor and other interesting moments. Anyway. Go Oscars. And happy 80th birthday I suppose.
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So I'm 17! I've been putting off this necessary post because... well I didn't feel like typing much.

Birthday was fine. Got clothes and money. Went to dinner with my lovely family :D

That wasn't so bad. I could've typed that before. Right now I am looking forward to the oscars. Amy Adams sing Happy Working Song + Kristin Chenowteh singing That's How You Know (maybe!?). How amazing that will be.

92 Student Average On Report Cards

Hmm. What else is new with me. Tonight I will be watching The West Wing with parents as is customary in our insane house. I think it's an episode or two after 'The Al Smith Dinner'. I'm sure there's no Josh and Donna though. I have checked already on Which happens to be the greatest website ever created. We are getting so close to 'The Cold' I am so excited! Although may be akward with parents there. It's our first time watching the series (my life sucks) and they don't know what happens. I started shipping the couple very early on and my mom only noticed that 'something might happen' in 'The Ticket'. And maybe in 'Gaza'. I don't know. She is very smart, very evil and by no means a born shipper as I am.

I am reading Anna Karenina. For the first time if you can believe that. I'm sure you can. Enjoying it so far and trying not to think about the train part so much.

I apoligize for the onesided banter and the pointlessness of the second half - and possibly the first aswell - of this entry. Hope all is well in the lives of my flist!
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Top 5 TV Shows of the Moment

1. The West Wing
2. House
3. Pushing Daisies
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. Gossip Girl

Top 5 Actors of the Moment

1. Bradley Whitford
2. Lee Pace
3. Hugh Laurie
4. Rob Lowe
5. James Marsden

Top 5 Actresses of the Moment

1. Janel Moloney
2. Kristin Chenoweth
3. Amy Adams
4. Anna Friel
5. Allison Janney

Top 5 Songs of the Moment

1. Defying Gravity - Wicked
2. Popular - Wicked
3. Happy Working Song - Wicked
4. Part of your World - Little Mermaid
5. Home - Beauty and the Beast

Top 5 Icons of the Moment (Can be yours or someone elses, just remember to credit)






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